Two years ago, we formed Enduring Wellness LLC- a company with the mission of bringing to market wellness products backed by medical research.


Early on in our journey, we met a chiropractor who was noticing an increasing number of patients he was treating with a condition called "Forward Head Posture (or FHP)."  FHP isn't a new condition- anyone who works at a computer all day, or performs any number of activities where you are required to lean your head forward for an extended period of time (reading, knitting, watching TV, etc.) can get it. 

Buy why the increase in cases?

It didn't take us much time to figure it out. Just look around the next time you're at home with your kids, at a restaurant, at work, or any other public place. Everyone is looking down at their phones, tablets, or laptops.  FHP is also known as "Tech Neck" and it is being called an epidemic!

The Tech Neck epidemic is the reason we invented the ComfortAdjust Pillow.

The ComfortAdjust Pillow followed a meticulous development path. For two years, we studied research from many leading medical institutions, we measured real people just like you, and we created multiple prototypes until we finally designed the ideal sleep alignment platform.

We proudly make the ComfortAdjust Pillow and all of its components in the USA.