Do your teens have Tech Neck?


If your kids are like most, they are practically tethered to their phones, tablets, and laptops. Have you noticed a change in their posture?  Or maybe they are complaining about neck pain or headaches? If so, they may have a condition called 'tech neck' (also known as 'Forward Head Posture' or 'Text Neck'). And they are not alone:

According to Athletico- a national chain of 400 physical therapy clinics, more teens than ever are complaining of “text neck." Back and neck pain that can only be explained by constant viewing of hand-held technology. This can lead to wear and tear, degeneration, and the potential need for corrective neck surgery.

Luckily, there is something you can do about it before it becomes a real problem! Here are a few ideas:

  • Limit technology time (Good luck with this one)
  • Encourage your teens to do these four stretches
  • Give them optimal neck support when sleeping

For the past two years, Enduring Wellness LLC has been conceptualizing the best non-invasive and non-drug related solutions to help offset the effects of this new epidemic.  Our new ComfortAdjust Pillow is the only pillow on the market that provides real neck support.

You can try telling your teen to sit up straight and put the phone down, but wouldn't it be easier to change their pillow instead?