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Stop Tech Neck Before It Happens!

Leaning over to use technology could be setting you up for long-term neck problems. The ComfortAdjust Pillow is the only pillow that holds an adjustable neck support roll right where you need it- giving you neck support and alignment all night long. Stop Tech Neck while you sleep!


+Neck support that doesn’t collapse during the night like other pillows

+The only pillow that allows you to choose your level of support

+Two-sided ergonomic design with a back-sleeper side and a side-sleeper side

+Improves sleep posture-helping relax tendons and muscles, open your airway, and improve circulation

What People Are Saying!


"This pillow has helped to get rid of my pain. I used to wake up with a sore neck and neck spasms but since sleeping on this pillow, my neck feels so much better. Makes the day more pleasant."


" I started looking for a flat foam pillow with neck support after my wife said my snoring was getting worse.  After a week using this pillow, my wife says my snoring has lessened and she hasn't noticed any apnea. Really good product that I would recommend! "


"I have had chronic neck pain for years. After sleeping and adjusting the pillow, my pain  has been greatly reduced and I no longer need to take Tylenol / Ibuprofen in the morning. It is a game changer in my life!"

The ComfortAdjust Pillow

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The ComfortAdjust Pillow is the first and only pillow with an adjustable, patent-pending Alignment Core (neck support roll) that can be rotated to find your optimum blend of comfort and support.

Fitting seamlessly inside a premium memory foam pillow, the Alignment Core works to align, adjust, and relieve strain to give you back a much-needed full night’s rest.


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